Global Positioning System Special Interest Group

Welcome to the Sun City Grand Hikers Club special interest group involving GPS devices.

The general operational theme of the SIG is to have members share their knowledge of the operation of GPS devices, related computer programs, sources of GPS maps and hiking trail data, and general information related to GPS.  The meetings will be run as roundtable discussions with themes for the discussion. Members with knowledge in the topics are encouraged to help lead the discussion.  The meetings are scheduled for two hours ahead of the Hiking Club monthly meeting so that only one afternoon is occupied by hiking.  The meeting will be broken into three 20+/- minute segments to focus the discussion and cover the outlined topics.  We will try to have some free time for speakers and topics of immediate concern. Because many members will not be able to make all the meetings; the topics may not follow a progression of depth and will have some repetition.  We will attempt to get outside speakers for different segments to provide information on a topic.

For further informaton about GPS devices, please write .