Hiker Leader Responsibilities

The Hike Leader is in charge of the hike for the day and has the authority to refuse participation to any hiker who appears to be unprepared for the hike. All hikers are required to bring adequate water and to wear hiking boots or hiking shoes made specifically for hiking. Hike leader responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Pick up the Safety Bag* of equipment and supplies prior to the hike. 
  2. Ensure a cell phone will be available on the hike. 
  3. Ensure that all hikers sign the Grand Hikers Waiver of Liability form prior to leaving for the hike. All carpool drivers must circle the number next to their name, write the circled number at the bottom of the waiver sheet and then write their cellphone number next to it. This will allow the Hike Leader to contact drivers en route if necessary.  
  4. Ask if any nonmembers (visitors, guests, prospective members) are present. Ensure they also have signed the waiver form, and know the procedures and protocol followed by the Club. 
  5. Provide hikers with a description of the day's hike and direction to the trailhead.
  6. Announce the mileage to the trailhead, driver's fee, and any park entrance fee. 
  7. At the parking lot and the trailhead require a "circle up and headcount" of the hikers. 
  8. At the trailhead break the hikers into groups if necessary, and assign a Hike Leader and Sweep to each group. The Hike Leader and Sweep of each group should have a 2-way radio, and at least one first aid kit. 
  9. The Hike Leader should stay at the head of the group and request hikers to stay behind the Leader and in front of the Sweep. If a hiker needs to leave the trail the Leader or Sweep should be notified. 
  10. Remind hikers that no one will be left alone. The Hike Leader(s) will assess and resolve the situation. 
  11. Remind hikers to respect the environment by staying on the trail, practice trail etiquette, and not to litter. All items carried in, must be carried out. 
  12. At the end of the hike check to make sure all cars have their passengers. 
  13. Stay at the trailhead until the last car is ready to leave and then leave together. The Hike Leader is the last to leave the trailhead parking area.
  14. If there is a medical emergency or an accident on the trail requiring professional medical attention, complete the Sun City Grand Community Association Incident Report (blank forms are in the hike leader's safety bag) WHILE AT THE TRAILHEAD and give it to the Hike Director or club President to forward to the C.A.M. office WITHIN 24 HOURS. Click here for a copy of the incident report form.
  15. If hike is cancelled within 24 hours of meet time due to bad weather conditions at venue of hike, the leader(s) should go to the meet place prior to the meet time to inform the hikers who show up for the hike.

CHECKLIST GUIDE FOR WRITING A NEW HIKE DESCRIPTION is available by clicking  HERE. The computer calculates the CBR from the stats which the leader provides.


  1. It is necessary to have 2 Safety Bags because the club may schedule more than one hike on a given day at different locations. The red bag transfers to all the general hikes. The Blue bag transfers to the more difficult of two hikes on the same day.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Hike Leaders to transfer the Safety Bag(s) between themselves; i.e. if the next Hike Leader is on the current hike the Safety Bag is transferred after the hike.  If the next Hike Leader is not on the current hike, it is the responsibility of the next Hike Leader to obtain the Safety Bag from the previous Hike Leader.  The next Hike Leader is responsible for charging the batteries for their hike. Make certain radios are turned off during and after charging and after being used on a hike.
  3. Each Safety Bag should contain at least two first aid kits, two bottles of water, an ice pack, a clipboard, pencils/pens, Incident Report form, a supply of Handouts for Potential New Members, and a supply of Grand Hikers Waiver of Liability forms ("sign-in sheets"). Each bag should have 6 radios, 2 radio chargers, and a SPOT device (housed with the radios).
  4. The Chairperson of the Safety Committee is responsible for performing a periodic inventory of the first aid kits, and will maintain the inventory of replacement first aid supplies.
  5. The Hike Leader should immediately inform the Hike Director of any missing/faulty items in the Safety Bags.