Introductory Hike

The purpose of the Introductory hike is to introduce present and future Club members to desert hiking. We strongly encourage all prospective club members to do the Introductory Hike even for experienced hikers in good condition. This hike is the best way to learn about our club procedures and safety measures. This hike is 4 miles in/out (round trip) on a mostly groomed trail with some gravelly areas. It dips in and out of washes along the way. The hike should allow the prospective club member or new hiker to both determine their conditioning with respect to future hikes and to experience "hiking-at-a-pace" in a club environment. The hike leader will provide you with information on the club and on how to become a member. Wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water and a snack.

Introductory hikes generally occur on the first Wednesday following the general membership meeting. Check the hike schedule for departure time and arrive 15 minutes before in order to meet your Hike Leader and arrange car pools. Advance sign-up is required (send email to

The meet place is the north parking lot of Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church at 15280 W Clearview Blvd (at Clearview and Rim Drive); park against the north wall if you want to ride with a more experienced hiker. The carpool fee for the Intro Hike is $3 per person. If it is not possible to attend an introductory hike, the hiker should get clearance from the hike leader or Hike Director before going on a regular club hike. Send email to

E-Z Hikes

Wednesday hikes will be E-Z Hikes. They will be easy hikes at a slower pace with more stops than a regular easy hike and possibly with a later start time in cooler weather. This will accommodate hikers rehabbing from injuries, illness and surgery; getting back into hiking condition after periods of inactivity; those whose health or age preclude more strenuous hikes; new club members; and those who enjoy a more leisure pace on hikes.

Slower Pace Hikes

Also on Wednesdays we will periodically schedule a Slower Pace hike. These will be longer hikes, generally in the 6 to 8 mile range but done at a slower pace with more frequent stops. Hiking speed will allow consideration for trail conditions and altitude gain. Slower Pace hikes will generally fall into the high Moderate to Difficult range (not Easy or Strenuous).

When the moderate to difficult hike is modified to a slower pace many more hikers can participate. A hike sign up is recommended for number limits.

Hike Mentoring

All potential new members should review the requirements for completing the Introductory Hike as described above. The Introductory Hike is required for all new club members. Because this hike is only offered once a month during the regular hiking season. We can also provide for hiking with an experienced hiker who can provide mentoring on club procedures and recommended hiking equipment.

The club recognizes that many prospective club members are new to hiking in the desert. Desert hiking presents many challenges (and opportunities) not found in other hiking environments. Club hiking with a group is also a different experience for some potential members.

If you are interested in learning more about hiking with the Grand Hikers, we can pair you with one or more experienced hikers who will offer a relatively easy hiking experience on a local trail. This will allow for mutual evaluation of the prospective new hikers' fitness level and interest in pursuing club membership.

If you would like to schedule a hike with a mentor, please contact our Hike Director at or our president for more information.